Nourishment Lately 2.22.18

{sunset battlefield walk 2.20.18}

I sat down to type a nourishment lately post and realized that so much has changed since I last shared. I’ll keep a long story short, but after not eating meat for years, I am eating meat again (ahhhh!!!). Greg and I have changed the way we eat in the last few months and while we’re still consuming lots of plants, we are both now regularly eating animal protein too. Other than that, we’re still focused on eating whole, real foods. One of the main reasons I stopped eating meat was because of factory farming, so it has been important to me that the meat we consume is raised locally, humanely and naturally. Among other things, eating meat has reinforced my appreciation of food and nourishment, and I’m surely grateful for that. So, that all being said – I so badly want to get back into blogging a little more regularly and if I do, don’t be surprised if things seem a bit different food-wise. 😊 I do hope to be posting here more often, and while I’m not sure what that is going to look like, I hope to share more of what makes me happy and what nourishes me.

For now, what has been nourishing me lately:

Farmstead Butcher. I’ll start off with the amazing place where we have been getting our meat! We have been loving Farmstead Buther and would highly recommend it to anyone in the Gettysburg area!

Bota Box Wine. Can’t hide my love of wine and this one has been nourishing me greatly lately. 🙂

NYT Cooking. I have been needing to use recipes more than ever and while NYT Cooking has been a go-to for me for years, I have been loving what I am getting from them lately. 

GT’S Living Foods Trilogy kombucha. This has been life for me lately, and Greg too! We started drinking this a few months ago and now I can’t seem to go a day without it. I have a glass a day – before breakfast, and it makes me so happy :).

I’d love to know – what has been nourishing you lately?

Nourishment Lately 11.2.17

FullSizeR{sunset at my house, 9.27.17}

I’m back for a Nourishment Lately – which has become one of my favorite blog things, even if it is infrequently that I post. I just love the idea of nourishment, I’m always thinking about what nourishes me, and I find it so important to share! I’m realizing right now that enjoying things that nourish me is going to be so very important as we enter this next season of cold weather and little light, as I thrive on sunshine and being outside as much as possible. So, with that, I’d like to share with you some things that have been nourishing me lately, so that maybe they can nourish you, too!

Yoga with Adriene’s Movement Medicine – Energy Practice. I’ve shared my love of Yoga with Adriene before, and this won’t be the last time, but this practice has been LIFE for me for a few months now. When we first got Forest (our puppy) I found myself not doing much yoga and missing it a whole lot. So I decided to change that and I now get up early and do yoga before work and this practice is just what I need(ed).

Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon. I don’t know that I’ve ever shared an alcoholic beverage in my Nourishment Lately posts, but this wine is definitely a worthy first. It’s not the cheapest bottle of wine that I buy (I buy cheap wine) but I love getting this on occasion. This wine + Yoga with Adriene = medicine. 

Jeopardy. Anyone who knows me knows that I am so, so so not into TV. But one of my mantras lately has been ‘small joys = big deal.’ And as silly as it sounds, I’ve got to be honest with ya – that has been Jeopardy for me. I can’t explain it, but watching Jeopardy makes me so happy lately. The message here: find your Jeopardy and roll with it.

Siggi’s yogurt. Just like I’m not a TV person, I’m not a yogurt person, except for apparently, now I am. I have been OBSESSED with this Siggi’s yogurt lately. I get the 4% mixed berry and have been eating one every single day. A siggi’s a day = one happy girl. It’s even better topped with fruit + granola.

National Geographic magazine. Greg got a free subscription to National Geographic magazine a few months ago and I’ve started reading them, sometimes with breakfast and sometimes before bed, and never have I ever come across a magazine with such amazing content! Greg and I both are reading the magazines cover to cover. It always seems like I get a magazine and am interested in one article, but not with Nat Geo. Again – small joys = big deal!

Other things that have been nourishing me lately, but I don’t have specific links for: hot coffee, homemade bread, butternut squash anything and any and all soup.

I would love to know – what has been nourishing you lately??

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Week in Photos 4.8.17

Remember way back when – when I had a series on the blog called Week in Photos? Where I shared five-ish photos that I had captured throughout the week? I’m gonna try to start doing these posts every so often again – just because they are fun and fun to look back on.

Four photos from my week!

{First of the year}IMG_2067-1

{Greg and I did this…this is Forest :)}IMG_2000-1

{Had fun with this. Can’t wait for more asparagus}IMG_2307-1

{Saturday morning bread baking – stocking up for the summer.}IMG_2323-2

Happy weekend, everyone! 🙂

Nourishment Lately – Florida

Florida is what nourished me for twelve wonderful days at the end of February.

I almost didn’t take my camera, but I surely am glad that I did. Even if it’s only so that I can look back on these photos and again feel the peace and happiness that I did during this trip.

Vero Beach

{The first two photos I took on vacation, the first night. The view from our room.}



{second morning}




{my people}





{second night sunset}


{third morning sunrise}





Florida Keys

{Key West}




{lunch on Sunset Key}




{sunset celebration at Mallory Square}




{this one taken by Sokol}







A Strip District Kinda Morning

I do wish that this morning was a Strip District kinda morning, but nope, these photos are from several weekends ago when I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh with mom and dad, Andrew, Sokol and Greg. We went to a Pirate game Saturday night and then spent Sunday morning in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, which just happens to be one of my longtime favorite places in the city. It is a great place to get photos so I thought for fun, I’d take my camera along. Here is what we saw:




























Also, some places we love in the Strip:

Peace, Love & Little Donuts
Pamela’s Diner
Wholey’s Market
Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.
Pittsburgh Public Market