Nourishment Lately

Please enjoy, my weekly series Nourishment Lately. In this series I will share recipes from around the web that have been nourishing me, so that they might nourish you, too.

Below, I will keep a running list of all posts in this series, listed by date, with a brief summary of the recipes you’ll find in each post.

Nourishment Lately 1.25.16
peasant bread, whole wheat pitas, peanut butter granola bars, vegan pesto, butternut squash gnocchi, peanut butter + berry smoothie
Nourishment Lately 2.1.16
whole wheat crackers, lentil mushroom + sweet potato shepard’s pie, best hummus, healthy banana bread, baked steel cut oatmeal
Nourishment Lately 2.9.16
spiced lentil soup with coconut milk, orecchiette with red onions, almonds and green olives, broccoli, lemon and parmesan soup, beet gnocchi, white beans and cabbage
Nourishment Lately 2.17.16
sweet potato + kale whole wheat pockets, homemade mushroom cheesesteaks, easy hoagie rolls, one-pot creamy spinach lentils
Nourishment Lately 3.31.16
shrimp chowder, kale salad, broccoli + parmesan fritters, pizza margherita, quick pizza dough
Nourishment Lately 6.9.16
tomato sauce, mushroom walnut burgers, roasted potato salad, stovetop popcorn, quotes and yoga
Nourishment Lately – Florida
our amazing trip to Florida
Nourishment Lately 11.2.17
yoga with adriene, dreaming tree wines, jeopardy, siggi’s yogurt, national geographic magazine