Thoughts on a Friday

Today I want to share some thoughts with you on photography.

I am taking a photography class right now and one assignment was based on levitation photography.

For anyone who isn’t quite sure what it is (as I wasn’t about a month ago), I will explain.

Levitation photography aims to make people (or objects) appear as if they are floating in a scene in a photograph.

You will not see a good example of it here. You will, however, with a quick Google search.

I was to produce two levitation photographs.  Here are the images I came up with:

Clevenger_Final_Levitation_001 Clevenger_Final_Levitation_002

Honestly, they are not great. I am happy with them, for it being my first levitation experience, however, they are just not good examples of what can really be done with this type of photography.

This type of photography takes a lot of planning, a lot of knowledge of Photoshop and a great desire to edit and manipulate photographs.

What I described is not me.

I don’t particularly love planning photographs. I feel like my photographs of people turn out better when unplanned. When it is candid and shot because the moment is something that you feel you want to capture. Because it is something beautiful to you. Something that doesn’t need editing, let alone heavy manipulation.

It does seem that people are able to produce absolutely beautiful levitation shots. And that is such a great thing. It takes a lot of talent. And I’m so glad that some people are good at that. We get to see some beautiful photos because of that.

I am grateful for the experience of taking this class, and grateful for the fact that I will leave knowing more than when I came. I know that when it comes to photography, I will never stop learning. But what I’ve learned from this, I don’t love levitation/heavy photo editing.

I shared with you a couple of weeks ago a before shot of one of my levitation photos. Here it is again. I like it so much better than the edited one above.


When it comes to people, I love candidness. And when it comes to food, I want to show you what the food I eat looks like. With places, I want to show you how beautiful they are, naturally. That’s what I like. And that’s what I’m going to stick with for now.

What are your thoughts on photography? What type do you enjoy? How much editing do you like to do?

Another thought: today marks one month since my first post as The Dreaming Foodie.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts, ideas, food and photos with you for the last month and I thank you for reading!

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