Week in Photos

Thank goodness it is Saturday!

I am all about cherishing each and every moment of life, but sometimes you just want a day to be over. That is how I felt every single day this past week.

But now, Saturday. And a chance to slow down. If even just for a day, maybe that’s all I really need.

Even a less than ideal week always brings things to appreciate. Please enjoy, five little things that made my week.

{This. From my sweetie.}


{I’m obsessed with these. They couldn’t be better.}


{Another gift I received. I’m lucky.}


{These pretty sprinkles. They go with something I’ll show you next week.}


{This wine. I was photographing it for an upcoming post. See the towel above 🙂 }


*Just as I’m posting this, I notice 3/5 of my photos have wine in them. That’s okay, right? 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

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