Week in Photos

Happy Saturday everyone!

Enjoy, five things that made my week special.

{This skillet. Because it was sweetly given to me as a gift, and I could not love it more. Taking suggestions on seasoning it! Let me know in the comments.}


{These decorations. Because they were so nice and it was such a nice time celebrating Greg’s niece being one.}


{This peanut butter egg. Homemade and delicious, could not be better.}


{This ring. Because I’m going through a ring phase right now. I’ve been wearing it every day this week.}


{This book. Because I decided this week that I would read it for a second time.}


5 thoughts on “Week in Photos

  1. Kira

    I love my cast iron skillets! I looked online for methods to season them. I ended up using crisco and a hot oven. It worked pretty well but smoked my house up! I never use soap on them when I clean them. Just hot water. When they are still warm from the hot water, I rub some oil into them. I love that they are pretty much non stick and so much safer than using Teflon skillets (yuck).

    1. Jess

      Thank you so much Kira! I think I am going to try this out tomorrow. I’m so excited to start using mine! Do you scrub yours with anything? Like hot water and a scrub brush or do you just rinse with hot water?

      1. Anonymous

        I use hot water. If I make scrambled eggs, sometimes they stick a little so I do need to scrub it out with a dish cloth. Most of the time though I just wipe the skillet out using hot water and a cloth till it is clean. 🙂

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