Week in Photos

I read this and want to share:

“Don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones.”

That is one part of a quote from H. Jackson Brown, Jr., New York Times best selling author of the book Life’s Little Instruction Book.

As soon as  I read that, I thought of my week in photos posts. I’ve been wondering lately if I should continue posting them, thinking that I’m eventually going to have a really long list on my photography + life page.

That quote rightly sums up why I love posting my week in photos. I’ve said before, it’s important to notice the little things, and that is what this post helps me to do. It enables me to look back at my week and appreciate the little things that are happening among the hectic everyday.

So, for today, and for now, enjoy, four little things that made my week special.

{This scarf. Because I have officially put away the winter one. It’s time for spring.}


{This smoothie. Because I decided to try smoothie making again this week. This one was a delicious success.}


{This ice cream sundae. Banana, chocolate and maple peanut butter. Definitely satisfied my ice cream craving.}


{This view. Because I saw it today, and it needed to be photographed, and shared.}


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. 🙂

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