Week in Photos

I didn’t post a week in photos last week. Although, it would have been my longest one to date.

So many little, unexpected things and moments made my week last week. It’s nice now to think of all those things again. It was a week full of a lot of big things, but it is really the little things that I am remembering.

I’d like to go into great detail, but that would be too long of a story. To keep it short, think a graduation card from a complete stranger. A delicious, fun breakfast with my mom at my favorite Indiana eatery (with two refills of coffee and a free capitol roll from the awesome workers). A fun night filled with Mexican food, wine and great conversation with a wonderful friend who I now miss. A relaxing night after a hard day of moving. A trip to the airport to pick up my dad. A happy reunion with Greg at this place, another Western, Pa. favorite. A fun night with family and friends, all together, enjoying being outside. Good beer, wine and food all throughout the week, to celebrate.

I said I would keep it short. But really, that’s just the short list of small, unexpected moments that are still making me happy.

And now, let me show you, five things that made this week happy.

{This lunch. This burger + lettuce + an egg. Yum.}


{This sundae. Best snack/dessert ever.}


{This kitty. Being just a little mischievous, but mostly cute :).}


{This fruit. I find cutting fruit so relaxing lately.}


{This door. My new tiny apartment.}


Enjoy your weekend! I hope that you find many little things that make it special.

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