Week in Photos

It’s hard to believe, but the week following my beach vacation actually went fast! Don’t the weeks after vacation usually drag? I’m so glad that this one went fast and smooth. 🙂

I had several successful recipe attempts this week, which always feels good. I was so excited to share with you these quesadillas and this salad. And, I have several recipes ready for next week that I am so excited to share with you!

I hope that whatever you do this weekend, you enjoy it!

Enjoy, five things that made me smile this week. 🙂

{This kitty. Yep, I missed him. Glad to be back with my little buddy. :)}


{These handmade spoon holders for cooking. Greg and I picked them out at the beach. I’m excited to see them in our new kitchen (in August!).}


{These sweet potatoes. This delicious recipe can be found here.}


{These cherries. No better snack ever existed.}


{This magnet. Another beach purchase. Love these words.}


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