No Bake Peanut Butter Brownie Bars

This recipe is brought to you from one of my favorite blogs, The Minimalist Baker.


I find that I spend so much time trying to create my own recipes for this little site, that my list of things that  I want to make from other blogs just piles up. It’s time to start chipping away at that list. I’m going to try to make something from that list at least once a week. And if I’m in love, I’ll share it with you.



I’m in love with these no bake peanut butter brownie bars.



They are to-die-for.


And, healthy. Nuts, dark chocolate and dates are pretty much all you see here. Combined together in the most creative and delicious way. There is no chance of guilt after eating one (or three) of these.


These bars are decadent, filling (in such a good way) and easy to transport as snacks. I sent some in with Greg to his lab and he said his lab-mates loved them.


Not only were these delicious, but fun to photograph. Not that they needed to be or could be photographed any better, but I did enjoy it. 🙂


A couple of things:

1) I’m changing things up a bit this week and sharing these with you today and Week in Photos tomorrow.
2) I used a blender to make these bars. It kind of worked, but I thought my blender was going to die. A food processor would work much better (I’m getting one soon – thanks, mom! :)).


Click on over to The Minimalist Baker to check out the amazing recipe and photography for these no bake peanut butter brownie bars!


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