Cherry Bars

Let’s talk about seasonal foods.


I love eating seasonally. Like I said yesterday, I look forward to sweet corn in the summer all year long. Same with peaches. Brussels sprouts in the fall, oranges in the winter, beans in the spring.


But what happens when I just want corn in the winter and don’t want to settle for the canned/frozen variety. What happens when I just want a juicy ripe peach in the spring and the ones in the grocery store leave very little to be desired?


That is the down part. Missing these wonderful fruits and veggies when they are not in season. But, it is the way of the world and I guess I can settle on enjoying each and every moment I do have with my beloved fruits and veggies each season, knowing that there will be a new one to enjoy soon. And the cycle will go on and on and on.


These cherries. Two weeks ago at market, we’d thought it’d be the last for the red gems. Well, they were back this past Sunday. Those disappointed about the last cherries of the season got another week out of Three Springs Fruit Farm. Another week to enjoy this awesome little fruit.


If you are someone who still has some cherries around, maybe try these bars.


Yes, cherries are awesome as is. Pop one into your mouth, eat around the pit, spit it out and repeat. I really enjoy cherries like that. But they are also good in breakfast-y and dessert-y things.


I have been on a roll with cherry recipes the last couple of weeks. A crumble version for two, here, and a breakfast version, here.


Now this one, inspired by this recipe from White on Rice Couple. I wanted something that was portable and sweet. Could be counted as dessert, a snack or breakfast. The original apricot version looks delightful, but I thought it would be just as good with cherries subbed in, too.


I did love these. They are a great snack and just perfectly sweet. They are also a good breakfast. 🙂


If you’re looking for something to do with the last cherries of this season, click here for this wonderful recipe. I subbed cherries for the apricots and white wine for the Grand Marnier. Otherwise, I did everything the same.


And, if cherries are done where you are, I’m sure you are now enjoying the next best thing and already looking forward to the next cherry season. 🙂



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