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First things first: sorry! 

I’m sorry I’ve been so sporadic with posting. Last Wednesday I popped in to let you know that I would post as often as possible during Greg and I’s move. Well, the move has happened and now I’m trying to catch up.

Next (and most importantly): Happy birthday Momma!




I didn’t get to spend my mom’s actual birthday with her (Monday) but I did get to spend Saturday with her. I made these s’mores rice krispie treats for the special day. I told you at Mother’s Day that s’mores are my mom’s favorite. πŸ™‚




Now, let me share an update.

On the move: We are in our new apartment. Saturday was so much fun. We had help from my parents and Gregs and we got everything big into our new apartment. There are, of course, still things to do, and Greg and I are slowly working on making it our home. πŸ™‚ I will be busy in the next couple of weeks getting the old apartment completely cleaned out and working on a list of things to do in our new one. We do really love our new place. Perhaps some photos in the next couple of weeks? 

On the job search: It is over. I found a job (!) that I so far love. It happened last week and I was trained Monday. I will be working at an adorable cafe in Wissahickon park!

On the blog: I told you last week that I am making some changes. I will continue making small changes here and there, trying to take my blog a couple of steps forward. Some things on the right side may change and there may be some appearance changes. 

So, between the move, the new job and the blog transition, it has been hard to keep up. I feel like I am finally at a point now where I can start to play catch-up and then eventually fall into a regular posting schedule again. I hope you don’t mind bearing with me as life is happening and I hope you are looking forward to some new content!

I will hopefully be sharing something new with you tomorrow. Talk to you then! πŸ™‚

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