Week in Photos

Happy Friday! 

I missed sharing with you last Friday. Last Friday was the start of our big move. Since I missed this post last week, I thought I would have double the photos to share this week.

Well, I got on this morning to sort through photos and found that I have taken very few photos in the last two weeks! I feel like there are so many little special things that I want to share with you, but I don’t have photos of them! Maybe I need to get better at snapping photos, even during a busy time, like a move. 

Most of the things I want to share with you are apartment related, so maybe once we are more settled, I’ll share an apartment post with you. 

But for now, enjoy, three things that made my week special! 

{This mug. Given to me by my beautiful friend, Amanda. I am obsessed with this mug. It is so perfect.}


{This table. I LOVE this table here. It has to be one of my favorite things about the apartment. Thank you Sandy and Greg 🙂 Also, love those flowers from market.}


{Ivy. We think he is feeling more and more at home everyday here. I think this photo says a lot. He has found a favorite napping spot.}


Have a wonderful weekend and I will talk with you Monday!  

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