Apple Butter Cinnamon Rolls

Who wouldn’t be happy about a cinnamon roll?

I don’t think anyone. I think a homemade cinnamon roll would make every single person happy.


These made me happy. They made Greg happy. I wish I could give one to every single one of you and make you happy too.


We needed a little boost of happiness around here. 

Greg has been battling a cold, which is never any fun. I have been battling time management. And lack of inspiration. 

Here’s what made me happy about these cinnamon rolls:

The smell of the yeast.
The feeling of the soft dough.
Kneading the dough (to the beat of the song I was listening to).
Looking into the oven to see that the rolls were actually rising. 
Seeing the final result. 
The maple icing.
The fact that I was perfectly okay that I over-baked them a bit. No need to get upset about that.
Greg’s excitement when he saw I made cinnamon rolls.


These cinnamon rolls are really good. They are from Sally’s Baking Addiction, where I go for all of my baking needs. 

I made Sally’s Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rolls recipe, added apple butter and iced them with maple icing. Ask anyone in my family (or the Disney crew!) how I feel about maple icing. It’s serious.



And trust me, these really are easy to make. Sally is a baking genius and she did all the hard work for us. Her recipe is easy to do and turns out wonderfully. I have had these on my mind to make for months, but I always came up with an excuse not to. Now that I finally made them, I just can’t wait to make more. Tomorrow maybe? 


I think cinnamon roll making is going to start happening a lot around here. I absolutely loved the process. It really was relaxing. It really did make me happy. Sometimes it just feels so, so good to slow down, to make something that takes time and a bit of attention. And to have an end result to be proud of. 



Happy Thursday!

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    1. Jess Post author

      I just spread some over top of the regular butter in the recipe :). It went regular butter, then apple butter, then the cinnamon/sugar mixture.


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