Hi everyone! How are ya?

Let’s get right to it — it’s been way too long. I didn’t mean to leave this blog quiet for so long, but it just happened, and I’m sorry. I won’t go into a huge list of excuses, but I was on vacation. That’s my main excuse. 

I’m back now, sort of. I’ve come up with a theory of vacation inertia. You know the law of inertia? A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest? Well, ya, I think that my vacation body + mind are staying in vacation body + mind. They don’t want to come back to real life. But, I’m trying really hard, and I thought that today I’d ease in by sharing some vacation photos with you! 

And, I don’t like to make promises, so you know it’s big when I say — I promise you, a recipe tomorrow! 

We went to Disney for a few days of our vacation. As usual, we had tons of fun! An added bonus – we were there during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Naturally, we indulged more than usual, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Food and Wine Festival is a really neat concept. Epcot sets up “stands” (this year, there were 30) throughout the World Showcase,  representing countries and concepts. Each stand has a menu of food and drink that is authentic to that country or concept. Between the six people in our group, I would say that we had something from about each and every stand. It was a fun opportunity to learn about and explore cuisine that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. Here is a little photo collage I put together of just a handful of the stands:


And some from Epcot:




For the second part of our trip, my mom, dad and I stayed in Celebration, Florida at the Bohemian Hotel. It was stunning. Maybe the cutest hotel I have seen.  And Celebration is a wonderful town. My mom and I kept saying that it is a perfect town and there is absolutely not one thing wrong with it! My mom and I got a lot of time to explore the town, while my dad unfortunately was working at a conference. We ate at every restaurant in the town except for one! And we spent a lot of time just relaxing, admiring the town we got to stay in for a week. Some photos:
















Okay guys, I think that’s it for now. I am happy that I could share some of my vacation with you and I will be back tomorrow to talk food again. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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