Wintertime Birthday

If there is anyone I know who will love these photos, it is my dad. 

The two of us have many things in common. We enjoy many of the same foods, both enjoy a good beer or glass of wine, we both love warmer weather + sunshine. (the list could go on + on). Neither of us are in love with winter. We both enjoy spring, summer and fall, when going outside and enjoying the day is the best thing to do. But when it comes to winter, and one has to bundle up layer upon layer to make it even tolerable to be outside, it’s just not our jam. 

My dad’s birthday is just before the official start of winter. I’ve always wondered about the irony in this. I think the universe did this to give us something to celebrate, because surely we aren’t celebrating the weather outside. 

But the cool thing is, when it comes to anything with the outdoors, I know my dad appreciates the beauty, no matter what the season. I know that he loves the scenes of winter, even if he doesn’t love the cold. 

So, these photos are just for you, Daddy. I love you very, very much!











See you soon!

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