Calm Life

“It’s okay to be happy with a calm life.”

I’ve been seeing this quote float around on Pinterest and I’m in love with it. It fits me right now, it resonates with me now. More and more I’m feeling that for me, the calmer, the quieter, the more low-key, the better. I’m choosing staying in over going out every time. And I’m happy with it.

Yesterday, Greg and I took a hike in the Wissahickon after I worked. He met me at the café, and we hiked for about an hour. I took my camera along, hoping to find some things to capture along the way. I fell in love with this tree. A beautiful tree in the middle of the woods that so many people decided to leave a mark on.





And the sun. The sun couldn’t have been more stunning.




 We went home from the hike, made dinner together and enjoyed a quiet evening in our quiet apartment. The perfect calm night. 

Happy Sunday!

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