Blackberry Slump

Who has heard of a slump?


Not a senior slump, like the one I am now experiencing. No, I mean a fruity dessert slump.


I had not heard of a slump until yesterday, when I decided I wanted to make a fruity, cobblery dessert with my cast iron skillet and found this recipe.


The word slump goes back to colonial times, I read. We now generally call this a cobbler, but it is referring to the same delicious, beloved summertime dessert.


This is the best dessert I’ve had in awhile And that is saying something, because I have had a lot of dessert lately.


So sweet, so good, especially served with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is delicious when it has cooled for a bit, but still has a touch of warmth to it. The berries become thick and creamy when mixed with the melted ice cream.


This slump has made my senior slump seem more manageable.


For this fabulous recipe, click here. I used blackberries instead of blueberries. Enjoy your Monday everyone!

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