Week in Photos

I’m so happy that it is Friday!

Friday is always a good day, but today, I am leaving for the beach!

Yep, this evening, I’m picking Greg up from campus and we are heading south.

Tomorrow we will fall asleep with the ocean right out of our window and Sunday morning we’ll wake up steps from the sand. Beach vacations are the best.

I wish I was ahead of things and had posts ready for you for next week, but I don’t. The Dreaming Foodie will be back next Monday or Tuesday!

I hope that whatever it is you may be doing this weekend you enjoy!

For now, enjoy five little things that made my week special.

{This lasagna. A creation from Greg and I. It was the best.}


{These cards. I bought them from a new friend at farmer’s market. To read about the cause, click here and to read about the artist, click here.}


{This. I love listening.}


{This breakfast. Rice cake + peanut butter + this red raspberry jam. I shared this with you yesterday, so I thought I would show you today.}


{I took this photo about five minutes ago. Ready to be loaded into the car. I’m so excited!}


I hope that you have a good weekend and week next week! I’m hoping that where I am and wherever you are the sun is shining!

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