Red Raspberry Jam

I don’t need to tell you this again.

But, for those who don’t already know, I am obsessed with jam. You can read all about it here, if you really want to.


How do you like to enjoy your jam?

On toast? Muffins? Scones, english muffins, in oatmeal? I like jam all of those ways. Lately I’ve been eating rice cake + peanut butter + jam (Greg thinks I’m really strange). But I really just enjoy it many different ways. Jam is so good!


Speaking of scones. One time at this adorable place — Dandelion Market — in Charlotte, NC, where Greg and I were eating breakfast, we were served mini scones and mini muffins as a breakfast bread bowl! You know how restaurants bring you rolls out before dinner? Well this place brought mini scones and muffins with homemade jam and honey before breakfast! I was so in love with the idea I told Greg that I was going to do it at home, like on weekends and special occasions. Make mini scones and muffins and serve them cute with jam and honey and it will feel like we are on vacation all the time!

I think I did it once.

But don’t we all want to feel like that all the time. Special and vacation-y with fresh out of the oven scones and homemade jam? Of course we do!


Anyway, you know how I told you yesterday that I am in love with dessert and Greg just likes it? Well, same with jam. I think I saw him eat it once (the time in Charlotte). But! We went to brunch a couple weeks ago to this amazing place, Cake. I asked for jam with my toast and to my surprise, the waitress brought out homemade red raspberry jam. It was so good. Greg tried a bite. And, before I knew it, the rest of his toast was covered in jam! It was that good. I knew I had to try my own red raspberry jam.


It has been awhile since I made my own jam. I’ve been eating some different kinds from Trader Joe’s. They are all good, but I just love having something homemade.

This jam is nothing but fruit and sugar. If you are looking for an easy, no fuss, quick yet delicious jam recipe, this is it.


My raspberry jam has a 6:1 fruit to sugar ratio. I love the taste of fruit, naturally, and don’t think that it needs a ton of sugar for sweetening. Red raspberries are a bit tart naturally and the small amount of sugar in this hides that bite just enough.

For this batch, I used 3 cups of fruit and 1/2 cup of sugar. That can be easily changed, depending on how much fruit you start with. Just keep the 6:1 ratio in mind. Also, if you prefer a sweeter jam, taste as you go while making this and adjust the sugar level accordingly.


I left all of the seeds in this jam. I wanted this to be as easy and simple as possible, so I did not bother with the straining of the seeds. I actually enjoy the seeds in jam, anyway. Be aware, though, because I do know that some people prefer seedless jam!


I want to talk about the thickness of this jam. I will warn you, this jam is not thick. I did not put anything in it, like pectin, which would have significantly thickened it.

I will say, I gave it the blizzard test. When I used to get blizzards from Dairy Queen when I was younger, they would turn them upside down before they gave it to me, so that I could see how thick it was. Do they still do that? Anyway, this jam passed the blizzard test. I put some jam on a muffin and turned it upside down. They jam stayed in place! If you are okay with jam that isn’t completely “jellied”, like me, then no worries! This will be good for you.

But, if you are not okay with that, how about some other ideas. How about served right off the stove over some creamy vanilla ice cream or a topping for waffles and pancakes (need to try soon!).


Thick or not, this jam has amazing taste. Fresh summer red raspberries with a touch of sweet sugar. My new favorite breakfast topping!


3 cups fresh red raspberries
1/2 cup of sugar

Add the rinsed raspberries to a pot over medium heat. Let the raspberries get warm, until they start to bubble and slightly simmer. Using a potato masher, smash the berries well, until they are sauce-like. Add the sugar and let the berries simmer for about 10 minutes.

Let the mixture cool, and then add the jam to a jar or container. Let cool longer before serving.


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