DIY: Wine Cork Label Holder

Things are getting crafty today on The Dreaming Foodie!

I don’t think that I’ve really talked about it much before, but you should know, I do like to try to be crafty. I always have. It’s just the type of person I am – I like to make things. Things like food and decorations, and wine cork label holders. Mostly things that are cute and pretty!

My mom and I have made many seasonal wreaths over the years, many centerpieces for various events and I’ve always jumped at the chance to try DIY home decor things. 

But honestly, I haven’t done anything crafty in so long. Too long! I was so excited about these wine cork label holders, I thought I just had to share them with you!

So, a few weeks ago, I helped a friend from work host a holiday party. We prepared a bunch of delicious food and drinks and had a wonderful time. While planning for this party, I was trying to think of ways to label the food. I came across this page, which featured these amazing wine cork appetizer place cards, and that was my inspiration! The instructions on that blog, Raisin & Fig, are excellent, so you should definitely check that out too! The way I did it is just a bit different and I am going to show you now!

Here’s what you need:

-Assorted wine corks
-Kitchen twine or string
-Small card stock paper
-A pen or other writing utensil

Four simple things, that’s it! I don’t save a lot of things or keep a lot of things around, but one thing I have saved over a couple of years is wine corks. I have a little white box that I put them in after they are out of the bottle. In the box, they are out of the way and not cluttering anything, but, I always know where they are. I’m so glad I had them around when I decided to do this little craft. 

I got the kitchen twine and small card stock at Michaels. Each were cheap and will last a long time and will be used for many different things! I used a fine point black pen to do the writing. 

So, all you do is choose two corks that are the same height. They definitely don’t have to be from the same winery, and I actually kind of like it when the two corks are different. 


Cut a piece of twine or string to about 16 inches. Place the wine corks down on the string, wrap the string around to the front and tie a tight double knot. Here’s what it will look like at this point:


 Now, wrap the string around the corks several times. I wrapped mine around two more times. There should be enough string left after wrapping to tie a bow. So, tie the wrapped string into another knot to make it tight, and then in a bow. Here’s what you’ll have:



Stand the corks up, with the smooth side of the cork down, and here’s what you’ll have:


Next, write on the pieces of card stock and place the card stock in between the two wine corks. That’s it! Easy as pie. 





This idea is so cute and went over very well at the party. I love that it’s so easy to do and requires so few materials. These add a nice little touch without much work. That’s the best. 

Also, these can be customized to different occasions by using different colors of twine or string. Get creative with the color you use depending on the reason for celebrating!

Hope you enjoyed this little craft!

And, just one more picture to share, my little helper!


 {How cute! :))

Happy holidays! 

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